Science Sites

1.  Operation: Heart Transplant: 

Enter the virtual NOVA operating theatre, where you will be given a scalpel and perform a heart transplant of your own.


2.  Amazon Interactive: 

Plan and manage a locally-controlled ecotourism project. Can you make ecotourism sustainable?


3.  Element matching game

Match the element with its symbol.


4.  Element Hangman


5.  NetFrog:

An interactive frog dissection


6.  Control the Cell Cycle: 



7.  Bloody Madness: 

As the doctor in charge of the ER, you must provide your patients with the right types of blood for transfusion. Match donors with recipients before time runs out or there will be fatal consequences!


8.  Transcription Demonstration

Using the given DNA base sequence, can you decode the genetic data to make an amino acid chain?


9.  Linkage Maps

Given recombinance frequencies between genes on a chromosome create a linkage map. This demonstration makes a fun logic game!


10.  Hidden Killers:  Doctor for a day: 

Be a doctor for a day! This role playing game will challenge what you really know about viruses. The good news is... all the information you need to beat the game is in our web site!


11.  zeroBio: 

This site includes chemistry and biology word scrambles, Drag and Drop Negative Feedback Cycle (stimulus and responses), Molecule Magic (matching chemical formulas to names of common chemicals), Drag and Drop Periodic Table (practice with the first 18 elements on the table by dragging & dropping to its correct position on the chart), tOXin (A deadly strain of bacteria has been accidentally introduced on Earth by a spaceship returning from Mars. The bacteria produce a toxin that is highly poisonous and a vaccine to protect society is drastically needed.  To crack the code for the toxin, you're going to need to know some grade 12 biology. DNA, amino acids, mRNA, cordons.. that kind of stuff.), and CyberStranded II (a re-seeding project in the year 2050).



12.  Games for Science Classes

Download templates for Science Jeopardy, Science Taboo, Science Bingo, Science Pictionary, Science Baseball, and Twenty-One Questions.  Also, links to other science games.


13.  Build Your Own Roller Coaster

On this site, students use laws of physical science to build the best roller coaster.


14.  The Game of Life

You control the parameters of life in this interactive game. Students select such factors as loneliness and overcrowding (and even which graphics to use) then play the game to see how the population fares. Continue playing to determine if successive generations will survive.


15.  iDNAfication

You are a student in the advanced biology class at your high school and will be asked to solve a mystery using your knowledge in biology, molecular biology, and forensic science. To solve the mystery you must use the proper techniques to eliminate suspects and identify the responsible individual.


16.  Origin Unknown

Players must use actual bioinformatics tools from the World Wide Web to determine the origin of an unidentified organic sample.


17.  Outbreak

Players must use microbial identification techniques to identify the causative agent of an illness outbreak.


18.  Protein Explorations

What Protein Are You? Explore protein structure files in the public Protein Data Bank.


19.  Genetic Probe

Use the online genetic probe to locate a sequence of basis that appear in a genetic code.  Grades 5-12


20.  Experience Science and Math with Gizmos

There are all sorts of gizmos (interactions) for high school science.  The drawback:  limited access of one gizmo per day.


21.   Periodic Puzzle

This is a slider puzzle with elements on the Periodic Table.


22.  Wafer Maker

Wafer Maker is a fast-paced game where you are growing silicon crystals to make transistors!

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