Math Sites

1.  Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy

Play by yourself or with another person to score the winning points while doing conversion problems


2.  Decimals and Fractions Concentration

Match the decimals to their corresponding fractions


3.  Equivalent Fractions Games

Match the fractions


4.  Pythagorean Puzzle: 

First move blocks to show how the Pythagorean Theorem works.  Then, play games such as the Pythagorean Theorem and Baseball, Breaking and Entering, and Scaling the Pyramids.


5.  Math Enrichment for Upper Grades: 

Algebra I and Algebra II


6.  Speedmath – Inequalities


7.  Quia Math Games: 

Includes Decimal &Whole Number Jeopardy, Algebra Concentration, Equivalent Fractions and many more


8.  National Library of Virtual Manipulative: 

This site is by grade level – for Math


9.      Pre-Algebra Games

This is a site with links to many pre-algebra games, including games on solving simple equations, word problems, and inequalities.


10.  Fishy Equations

Work out the weight of fish in equations – timed exercises.


11.  Elephant Wallpaper

Reading numbers on graphs and sequencing.


12.  Math World Interactive

The interactive site was dedicated to helping educators and parents motivate their students to solve open-ended word problems, communicate mathematically, and share cultural and geographical information.  The Challenge Cycle started every 12 weeks and the students followed a specific problem-solving format.  Even if you don’t want to joint the Challenge Cycle, your students can work the problems.


13.  Math Quiz Set

Play License Plate Math, Algebra and Advanced Algebra daily online quizzes.



14.  Interactive Math Games

From basic math through calculus, this pages has links to many interactive math games.


15.  Who Wants to Be a Mathonaire?

Based on the TV Show, the questions go from metric conversions and time order (including military time) to solving equations.  Cute game!


16.  Math Fighter

Don your helmet, flight suit and parachute and then soar through the skies shooting down equations.  Easy mathematical calculations, but fun.  


17.  The Math File Game Show

Ancient math hosts Hypatia and Pythagoras offer you a selection of games from numbers to shapes to data handling to algebra.  The higher levels are great for high school students.


18.  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  for Interactive Mathmatics

Categories include:  Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability.  This site has 9-12 interactions.  Each category includes various links to interactive games and puzzles.


19.  Order of Operations Workout

Student is given ten problems to solve using the order of operations.


20.  Cut the Knot

This website provides interactive games in basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.


21.  Experience Science and Math with Gizmos

There are all sorts of gizmos (interactions) for high school math.  The drawback:  limited access of one gizmo per day.

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