General Sites

1.  Study Stack

Online games for geography, history, math, languages, art, science, quiz bowl, ACT prep and medicine.


2.  A Game a Day

Look at a calendar on this site to see the “game of the day.”  Some are quite challenging.


3.  Puzzlemaker

Make your own games with Puzzlemaker


4.  National Geographic Kids Games:

5. Quiz Hub

6. Trivia Web Games

Try your hand at trivia:  Animal, World, Health & Fitness, 20th Century, and Presidents


7.  Quia

This learning game collection provides a fun way to help students review a wide variety of topics in general subject areas of math, science, foreign language, economics, and music. Visitors can create their own java-enabled flashcard drills, matching games, concentration, and word search puzzles using a simple (and free!) editing tool. The editor creates the Web pages and publishes them for all to share. This is a handy way to help students memorize factual information.


8.  FunBrain is the home to interactive, GamesSpell Check, and Wacky include Math Baseball, Fun Match, Change Maker, Tales.   Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, and lower levels of high school

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