English Sites

1.  Power Proofreading: 

Students become proofreading technicians as they correct errors in scripts, memos, and other writings at the HME-TV station.  (Through 8th grade skills)


2.  First Lines

They give you the first line of a novel or poem, and you tell the name of the work.  Categories include:  English Literature, Voices of Women, The Prize, Sci. Fi., 1950’s, 1960’s, etc.


3.  Name that Literary Element
Take a virtual ride through the literary cosmos in this interactive game designed to test your knowledge of the literary elements in your book. View a definition on your screen and then click on its matching literary element from a choice of terms floating through space. Race against the clock or challenge a partner to play!


4.  In Search of Shakespeare:  Playwright Game

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Elizabethan playwright?

5.  Whodunit?
Do you have what it takes to be a forensic expert? Give this fingerprint matching game a whorl.


6.  Conquestion Triva Game:  Literature

Answer literature trivia questions to complete a conquest. Capture conquered questions by adding a question to the conquest.


7.  The Grammar of Doom

You are an adventurer trying to find the secret to the mystical Temple of Doomed Grammar . There are ten rooms in the temple, and each one is full of tricks and traps. You need to use your English grammar and vocabulary to get through the rooms. Each room that you complete gives you one word of the password sentence that you need to finish the game.


8.  Interactive Grammar Quizzes

This is a huge list of quizzes on all aspects of grammar from basic parts of speech to Grammatic Esoterica. 


9.  English Club.com

More interactive quizzes -  good for lower levels and ESL


10.  Sink or Swim:  Subject/Predicate

Find the subjects and predicates of sentences in an ocean of words.


11.  Two Minute Mysteries

Use your deductive reasoning and reading skills to solve these short mysteries.


12.  History Trail:  Victorian England

This site provides two articles, an interactive game, and a quiz on each of the following topics:  Industry and Invention, Earning a Living, The Sour Smell of Success, Laissez-faire and the Victorians, Ideals of womanhood in Victorian England, Women and Urban Life.  Excellent site provided by the BBC.

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